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Follow the Anemia of Renal Disease Online Curriculum on the ISN Academy 

The ‘Anemia of Renal Disease‘ curriculum is accessible to all on the ISN Academy. 

Explore the curriculum here. 

The curriculum is creatively designed using mixed media, including three originally produced voice-over animations, charts, graphs, and self-guided questions to engage students and facilitate learning.  

The course covers the pathophysiology of renal disease along with the clinical trials guiding current management guidelines: 

  • Definition and epidemiology of renal anemia  
  • Pathophysiology of renal anemia  
  • Mechanisms of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents  
  • Trials of renal anemia  
  • Iron metabolism  
  • Iron formulations  
  • Novel and future therapies, including HIF-stabilizers  

 The Anemia of Renal Disease course is supported by an educational grant from    

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