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Obituary: Jan Weening 1950 – 2022 

The ISN is deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Jan Weening. 

Dr. Weening served as ISN secretary-general in the late nineties and president of the ISN from 2003 to 2005; he was the first pathologist to serve in this role. Dr. Weening focused his leadership on increasing support for investment in science and education and making the most effective use of scarce resources to address the kidney disease epidemic. He also emphasized the need to work toward a fair and safe world where good health care and education are accessible to all. 

Dr. Weening made significant contributions in pathology and nephrology. Scientifically he focused on glomerulonephritis and led the process of convening the group to revise the WHO lupus nephritis classification to create the ISN/RPS lupus nephritis classification. 

Educated in Gröningen, the Netherlands, by Prof. Hoedemaeker, he later undertook a professorship in immunopathology there. He became head of the pathology department at the Academic Medical Center (Academisch Medisch Centrum). 

Dr. Weening trained many pathologists, supervising more than 25 Ph.D. students. He held positions in Harvard, Leiden, and Rotterdam, and was closely involved with the Netherlands kidney foundation (Nierstichting) and worked with the National Kidney Foundation. 

He initiated the Amsterdam Summer School alongside the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and was chairman of the Concilium Pathologicum, responsible for Dutch pathology education, for many years.  

Dr. Weening was an author of more than 219 publications. He was appointed Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion in 2016. 

Dr. Rashad Barsoum took over from Dr. Weening as ISN secretary-general in 1999. They continued to collaborate and enjoy a warm friendship for many years. He describes Dr. Weening as “An outstanding nephropathologist…a great teacher, trainer, researcher, and group leader. He took the specialty into a different horizon with a highly visible clinical impact across the world,” adding, Throughout all these years, I have seen Jan as a role model; a true gentleman, artist, compassionate, hard worker, supportive, always with a warm smile. In all of his prestigious positions in the ISN, he proved to be visionary, an accomplisher, friendly, and humble.” 

ISN Past President Dr. Vivekanand Jha comments, “He was always very kind and generous to younger colleagues and made many friends during his many visits to different parts of the world.” 

ISN President Dr. Agnes Fogo adds, “He was a scholar and a gentleman and led us all in so many important endeavors. He was a wonderful friend and mentor to me and so many others. We all learned so much from him, of how to lead and work together. He was a true renaissance person with knowledge and curiosity in so many areas beyond his expertise in the kidney field- the history of Dutch settlements in the greater New York area, Egyptology- to name but a few.”

In harmony with his wishes, Dr. Weening donated his kidneys for transplantation.

The ISN offers sincere condolences to Dr. Weening’s family, colleagues, and friends.

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