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Watch the First Module of the Kidney Stone Course and Register for the Webinar on April 28

Watch “Why Kidney Stones Form” here 

This first module of the Kidney Stone Course is open access until April 28. 

Register for the webinar on the metabolic evaluation of patients with kidney stones here. 

Presentations from the webinar, including Q&A sessions, will be available to ISN members on the ISN Academy as course modules.   

Kidney stones are a common condition that causes significant morbidity for patients, has a high recurrence rate, and can lead to unfavorable outcomes such as chronic kidney disease.  

The underlying metabolic disorders that lead to kidney stone formation need to be better understood to prevent kidney stone recurrence and complications.  

The ISN has developed a kidney stone webinar and course to help: 

  • recognize the burden that kidney stones present to patients  
  • understand the causes of kidney stone formation 
  • understand preventative treatments  

These elements enable successful treatment and prevention even when a full metabolic evaluation is not feasible. 

Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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