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New! Women and Kidney Ethics: Access Online Talks and Register for a June 28 Online Workshop

Register for “Expert Insights: Ethical Aspects of Kidney Care for Women” here.  

The workshop will take place at 3 p.m. CEST on June 28.  

Why is this content important? 

Several ethical issues may impact the provision of kidney care for women, including gender bias and discrimination, and complex decision-making about pregnancy and reproductive care in the context of dialysis, transplantation, and kidney donation.  

What can you expect from the workshop? 

A multidisciplinary panel led by Prof. Dominique Martin will explore a series of hypothetical cases involving ethical issues in kidney care for women. These experts will consider the ethical values and principles influencing decision-making and practice. 

In addition, the panel will discuss relevant clinical considerations and present strategies to promote respect for women’s autonomy in decision-making on kidney care and reproductive health. Questions to the panel can be submitted when you register. 

How can you prepare for the workshop? 

To get the most out of the online workshop, familiarize yourself with the topic in advance through a series of introductory talks on the ISN Academy.  

What else can you do to explore ethics in kidney care?  

The ISN Academy has released a repository of resources from journal articles to ethical guidelines and more. 

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