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Emerging Infections, Climate Change, and the Microbiome – ISN Past President and ISN Frontiers Meeting-New Delhi Chair, Vivekanand Jha Presents Highlights from the Scientific Program on Kidneys and Infections – Register Now!

The ISN Frontiers Meeting on bi-directional relationships between infections and kidney diseases will take place in New Delhi, India, from September 22-25, 2022.  

Register for the meeting at the regular price until midnight CEST, August 24, here.

We asked ISN Past President and Frontiers Meeting New Delhi Chair Vivekanand Jha about the event’s program:

Why is this meeting important?

This will be the first meeting ever held to study the clinical and laboratory science behind the interaction between infections and kidney diseases.

Kidney disease is often bracketed alongside other non-communicable diseases, underplaying the significant role played by infections in the development of kidney disease and in complicating outcomes for people with kidney diseases, especially in the developing world.

Understanding this is particularly relevant today when the world is dealing with a pandemic.

Can you provide some highlights from days one and two of the meeting?

This gathering of world experts will kick off with an opening plenary by Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, an internationally recognized infectious disease expert and chief scientist of the World Health Organization.

Dr. Swaminathan is uniquely positioned to provide a global overview of infectious diseases and insights into the strategies under discussion at the highest level to deal with this threat. Her vision and experience will set the scene for the three and a half days of sessions.

Day two begins with an in-depth examination of the infection-kidney disease link. There will be a discussion on the impact of emerging infections on kidney care and how older diseases are evolving in the way they present and spread.

The program includes several talks on the impact of COVID-19 on kidney health and how kidney diseases influence the presentation and severity of COVID-19.

A keynote talk will explore climate change, its impact on global biodiversity, and the consequent impact on human health, including kidney diseases.

Day two will round off with a series of presentations on emerging evidence around the pathophysiology of infection-related kidney diseases, exploring the emerging field of the microbiome and how the common pathway of infection and inflammation affects both the brain and kidney health. Selected abstracts will also be presented.

The ISN and the Indian Society of Nephrology look forward to welcoming all contributors and delegates to this event.

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