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Moving Kidney Care Forward in the Asia Pacific Region – the ISN Renews Its Partnership With the APSN

The ISN is pleased to announce it has formally renewed its ongoing partnership with the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN).Since 2013, the ISN and APSN have shared a highly productive and enduring alliance, collaborating on many initiatives, including ISN Fellowships, ISN Sister Centers, 0by25 and Kidney Care Networks, World Congresses, and other events.

The ISN also partnered with the APSN on the upcoming Primer Course in Glomerular Diseases in Tokyo, Japan, from October 1-2.

The ISN President, Masaomi Nangaku, commented: “The Asia-Pacific region encompasses 35% of Earth’s landmass and is home to 4.7 billion people, representing 60% of the global population. Given the significant prevalence of kidney disease patients in Asia-Pacific, it is paramount that the ISN and APSN collaborate closely to guarantee equitable access to kidney health services across these diverse regions.”

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