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Leveraging Social Media for Kidney Health: The ISN and the Nephrology Social Media Collective Forge New Partnership

The ISN and the Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC) have signed a memorandum of understanding for producing, delivering and recording primarily social media-related online educational content.

The partnership emphasizes the powerful role of social media in spreading awareness of kidney health, sharing important information, engaging diverse audiences, and fostering conversations that contribute to a better understanding of kidney-related issues.

ISN-NSMC collaborative initiatives will include:

In addition, the NSMC will join forces with the WCN’24 Social Media Team to maximize the congress’ visibility.

ISNeducation Social Media Team member and NSMC Associate Director Mythri Shankar commented: “We are really excited about this collaboration. This partnership signifies a progressive step towards integrating innovative social media strategies with global kidney health initiatives. By harnessing the power of social media, this collaboration is set to amplify educational outreach, engage nephrology professionals and patients alike, and accelerate the exchange of knowledge across borders.”

NSMC Director Matt Sparks added: “We are excited to forge this partnership and further solidify the global reach and mentorship of our groups.”

ISNeducation Social Media Team Chair Augusto Cesar Soares dos Santos affirmed, “The collaboration between ISN and NSMC heralds a new era of synergy, connecting our communities toward a future where all people have equitable access to education and sustainable kidney health. We are excited to blend strengths towards bridging the gaps and building capacity in nephrology, aiming at groundbreaking achievements.”

The ISN and the NSMC are committed to advancing global kidney care through innovative social media strategies to facilitate the widespread outreach of education and vital knowledge. The ISN looks forward to the positive outcomes of this collaboration.

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