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“An Essential Advocacy Tool That Young Nephrologists Should Wholeheartedly Endorse”: Yannick Nlandu on the ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas

By Yannick Nlandu (DR Congo), YNC member and  ISN-GKHA Named Fellow  

Most nephrologists dream of solving kidney health problems in their communities, typically requiring a more generalist approach to public health. However, nephrology programs in general, and in low-resource countries in particular, do not integrate this broad vision of kidney health.

Nephrologists, therefore, need to take an interest in public health, especially as CKD, although a considerable burden because of its high morbidity and mortality, is rarely considered a health priority in developing countries. Statistics are all the more necessary for effective advocacy with policymakers.

The third edition of the ISN-GKHA

Becoming a contributor to the ISN-Global Kidney Atlas (ISN-GKHA) has been a great opportunity for me, as not only has it given me direct access to the database of the global nephrology community, but, more importantly, it has allowed me to work with experts and understand how the atlas is developed.

This impressive and ongoing project has, once again, confirmed the gap in available kidney services between lower and higher-income countries. Still, the revised edition also reveals the progress made by some countries since the launch of the first ISN-GKHA, confirming its positive impact and reinforcing the need to continue this initiative – an essential advocacy tool that young nephrologists should wholeheartedly endorse.

Access GKHA content on the ISN Academy here.

Mark April 15 in your calendar for the following WCN’24 sessions on ISN-GKHA results and the state of kidney care in Latin America:

 Hall C1

Disparities in the Care of People Living With Kidney Failure in Latin America – Findings From the 2023 ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas

 Hall C2

2023 ISN-GKHA Regional Paper Perspective – Latin America

Professor Donal O’Donoghue’s Global Kidney Policy Forum


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