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Time for Action: Recognizing Chronic Kidney Disease as a Major Noncommunicable Disease Driver of Premature Mortality 

This editorial outlines the significant global burden of chronic kidney disease and highlights the timeliness of a global consensus statement from the ISN, the European Renal Association, the American Society of Nephrology, regional societies, and experts, recently published in Nature Reviews Nephrology. The statement calls for intersectoral actions to improve global capacity and strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries.  

Read the statement here 

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Toolkit on Creating a Young Nephrologists Committee: An ISN Young Nephrologists Committee Project to Empower Young Nephrologists Worldwide 

The ISN established the Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC) in 2007 to support young kidney care professionals facing challenges in their practice. The Committee has since evolved to contribute to the ISN’s education and capacity-building initiatives, especially in lower-income countries. 

Access the toolkit here 

Existing YNCs have shown the vital role young nephrologists play in tackling global kidney care challenges. Well-structured and enthusiastic groups of YNs are therefore desirable in all regions.  

To this end, the ISN YNC has launched a toolkit for creating a YNC. This comprehensive guide provides practical steps for establishing and maintaining YNCs, helping nephrologists engage with the international nephrology community and address global kidney health issues. 

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