Monday, 02 September 2013 09:07

ISN member becomes Health Ministry Advisor in Bolivia

Raul Plata-Cornejo MD WEBISN is proud to announce that Raùl Plata-Cornejo was recently appointed by the Bolivian Ministry of Health as Advisor for the National Renal Health Program (Programa National de Salud Renal).

Raùl Plata-Cornejo is one of the founders of the Institute of Nephrology in Bolivia, a project he started as an ISN GO Fellow in 1992. There are now many stories like these resulting from the ISN Global Outreach (GO) Programs. He says: "My principal objective is to transfer our 21 years experience of developing renal disease programs to Bolivian health reality."

ISN President Giuseppe Remuzzi believes that this appointment represents an outstanding example of what one can achieve thanks to the ISN educational programs like the ISN GO Fellowship, Research and Prevention and Sister Renal Center programs. He believes: "Resources are often not enough for the enormous needs of a low-income country like Bolivia. Every small contribution is essential."

A second objective for Raùl Plata-Cornejo is to establish specific prevention programs for kidney disease and provide an opportunity with renal telehealth follow-up programs to prevent or delay its progression and decrease morbidity and mortality.

"This will help reduce the exponential growth of end stage renal diseases in Bolivia, where 60% of the population has no real possibility of access to the main cities where nephology centers are concentrated," adds Plata-Cornejo.

To find out more about what the ISN Global Outreach Programs have to offer, CLICK HERE.


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