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In emerging countries, kidney disease accounts for over a million deaths a year. A lack of formal medical training, inadequate screening tools, limited funding and public awareness means that these populations are losing out on proper care. By focusing on prevention, education, collaboration, and awareness, there is hope for better treatments. Bringing together the expertise of its members, ISN is leading the way for better prevention and effective treatments to reduce the impact of renal and associated diseases in the world.

ISN has assembled a committed group of volunteers dedicated to building health equality worldwide. By making the knowledge and experience of the developed world accessible to kidney doctors and other specialists in emerging countries, it is improving kidney care and prevention strategies around the globe.

The ISN Programs are made up of five educational and training programs tailored to the needs of nephrologists around the world. Find out about the various grant application programs, eligibility and deadlines by clicking on the link below:

Fellowship Program


The Fellowship Program gives physicians from emerging countries hands-on training in a developed renal center. Returning home, they share what they have learned, improve local care and start more ISN Programs. Deadline for applications: May 1 and October 1 each year.

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