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Visiting the Peking University First Hospital

During my recent trip to China, I had the opportunity to visit the Renal Division of the Peking University First Hospital, in Beijing which is headed by Prof. Haiyan Wang.

I was particularly impressed by their peritoneal dialysis program. Dr. Jie Dong kindly walked me through the facilities. They have enrolled 400 patients deriving from Peking city and close provinces in North China.  All patients get standard training and then they go home where they are provided with all kind of materials. The staff includes 10 primary nurses, one head nurse, one dietitian and 2 doctors.

What is very interesting, and likely the key of the success of this program, is that each patient is assigned to one fixed nurse until they drop out. Patients are seen once a month face to face, but the staff is always available to be contacted  by phone, email or text message if needed.

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