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A first virtual conference between Sister centers in Belarus and Germany

Participants involved in the the ISN Sister Renal Center Program partnership between the Belarus Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, in Minsk and the University Hospital of Charite in Berlin, Germany recently gathered for their first virtual conference.

Professor Klemens Budde took the initiative to set up a dedicated conference call to help clinicians and pathologists from both centers communicate in real-time and discuss clinical-pathological cases, take part in lectures and consult on difficult patients cases from the emerging center.

Professor Klemens Budde’s lecture was dedicated to “Diagnostic and treatment of tuberous sclerosis” and described clinical cases about the renal form of tuberous sclerosis.

The theoretical part revealed different aspects of this rare disease, such as the indications for surgery, perspectives for prescribing m-TOR inhibitors to stop the progression of the disease and peculiarity for managing kidney transplant patients.

The second part discussed a specific clinical case about a hemodialysis patient with primary amyloidosis, virus hepatitis C and the successful treatment of melanoma.

The SRC Program links renal centers worldwide to nurture partnerships between two centers by supplying funding, a framework, and educational benefits.

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