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Apply or make a nomination for the DICG Council

We are now calling for expressions of interest or nominations for two positions on the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG) Council. ISN ExCom and Council have decided that henceforward expressions of interest and nominations will be called for and decided on, using transparent and uniform processes, for leadership positions within ISN. Deadline is May 17, 2018.

In 2010, The Transplant Society and ISN created the DICG to disseminate The Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism and respond to new challenges in organ trafficking and transplant tourism.

The DICG exists to promote, sustain and monitor the implementation of the Declaration of Istanbul worldwide, and specifically to promote organ donation free of coercion, exploitation, commercialism or human trafficking, to encourage national or regional self-sufficiency in organ transplantation, and to combat transplant tourism that interferes with meeting the medical needs of a country’s own population.

The role of the DICG is to develop a comprehensive strategy and implement plans to achieve its mission and to coordinate activities related to the Declaration of Istanbul. The DICG operates in the context of complementary documents, in particular the WHO Guiding Principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation.

The ISN affiliated DICG Councilor’s role is to raise awareness of inequities in access to transplantation-related care prevalent in their region and to ensure that the DICG works towards addressing those inequities in the remit of care related to illegal transplant activities.

The ISN affiliated DICG Councilor is further a key link between the DICG and ISN in order to facilitate information flow and to keep the ISN updated about the latest developments (political, legal, clinical etc.) in organ trafficking and transplant tourism. Furthermore, within their region/their respective regional board, ISN affiliated DICG will advocate against organ trafficking and for organ donation self-sufficiency.

This is a volunteer position for an initial period of 3 years, renewable once after re-nomination and based on performance, to a maximum of 6 years. The position attracts no remuneration, although appropriate expenses are reimbursed according to ISN’s expenses policy. ISN staff provides operational support to the partnership with DICG, and the DICG Councilor is supported by their Regional Board and by the ISN Executive Committee representative as required for strategic issues.

The ISN affiliated DICG Councilor will by default be a member of their respective ISN Regional Board.

Expressions of Interest and nominations for this position should:

  • be directed to Anne Hradsky at by Thursday May 17, 2018, and
  • consist of a short CV (max. 4 pages) and a statement (max. 500 words) explaining relevant skills and experience, and reasons for being considered for the position (to be considered for the position, both a CV and statement are required).

Please note that preference will be given to applicants/nominees from regions that aren’t currently represented on DICG Council, being: Latin America, Eastern and Central Europe, North East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Middle-East and NIS and Russia.

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