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Educational Ambassadors Train Egypt’s Young Nephrologists

ISN Educational Ambassadors, Ahmed Akl and Osama Ibrahim El Shahat, visited Belkas Central Hospital in Mansoura, Egypt, to share knowledge and experience with teams of young nephrologists at primary care health centers and hemodialysis satellite units in the country.

Ahmed Akl is Nephrology Associate Professor at Fakeeh College of Medical Sciences, Jeddah, and KSA and Consultant of Nephrology and Transplantation, UNC, Egypt. Osama Ibrahim El Shahat is Head of the Nephrology Department at Mansoura New (International) General Hospital.

They both joined the ISN Educational Ambassadors Program two years ago to help nephrologists in rural areas of Egypt to make advances in nephrology services, including interventional nephrology, acute hemodialysis intensive care units, and nephrology clinics.

This visit was a chance to review dialysis modalities and teach new skills to help the teams master renal ultrasound as well as guided dialysis line insertion and needle renal biopsies.

Renal nurses also received intensive training on infection control, how to handle renal failure patients, and renal nutrition. Ahmed Akl explains: ‘Our efforts resulted in the creation of a sterilized room for interventional nephrology, a new clinic dedicated to nephrology and more efficient handling of intensive care patients with acute kidney injury.’

So far, four training programs have been established in North and Eastern regions of Egypt thanks to the involvement of these two ISN Educational Ambassadors. An additional  program was organized in Sudan.

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