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ISN Welcomes a New Collective Society

The Peruvian Association of Vascular Access (APDAV) has joined the ISN as a Collective-Member Society, further strengthening a mutual commitment to improving kidney care in South America.

The ISN sponsored the Second International Congress of Peruvian Association of Vascular Access through the CME program last year, supporting Dr. Octavio Salgado and nurse Rosa Marticorena to attend, deliver talks, and participate in visits and hands-on training.

Collective-Member Society status increases global activity and visibility through ISN endorsement, priority consideration for managing joint events, and complimentary participation in the Global Village at the

In addition, for a tailored fee, individual members of these societies enjoy full membership benefits, including Kidney International journals, special event rates, and education at the ISN Academy or through ISN Programs.

Thanks to recent new alliances, ISN member representation in Latin America continues to grow. The ISN looks forward to continuing to work closely with APDAV to advance kidney health worldwide – together.

Contact to discover more about the benefits of collective membership status.

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