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World Kidney Day 2022: Discover and Use the Social Media Toolkit and Online Shop  

Explore the World Kidney Day (WKD) 2022 social media toolkit here.

The toolkit is packed with information and resources to help you promote the WKD 2022 campaign theme ‘Kidney health for all: Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care‘.

The toolkit, including text and visuals, presents different social media platforms and explains how best to use them to create a powerful social media campaign to raise awareness of kidney health issues and help bridge the knowledge gap toward better kidney care.

Discover the World Kidney Day online shop here.

Complete your WKD 2022 campaign with World Kidney Day accessories: Find WKD-branded T-shirts, mugs, badges, phone cases, and much more with delivery direct to your door.

Start planning your 2022 campaign now!

Thank you for getting involved in WKD and helping us raise awareness of kidney diseases and improve the lives of kidney patients.

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