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Last chance in 2021 to renew ISN membership – with a 20% discount

As 2021 quickly draws to a close, so does the ISN Membership calendar cycle.

In addition to the new ISN Membership fee structure launched in September 2021, as of January 2022, ISN Members will also renew on a fixed calendar-year cycle (January-December), allowing the ISN to better cater to its members and be a good steward of its resources.

To help usher in these changes, the ISN is offering individuals a 20% reduction on Full ISN Membership (using code SAVE20ISN at payment), but this is only until the end of 2021.

For current ISN Members whose membership is due to expire, the ISN allows you to renew your ISN Membership for the remainder of 2021 (Dec 2021) at a prorated fee and renew for 2022 with a 20% discount if you use code SAVE20ISN at payment.

Begin or continue your ISN Membership Journey here.

For any questions or queries, contact the ISN Membership Team at

Better Together – in 2022!

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