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The ISN Renews Collaboration with CREED to Develop Dialysis Education in Southeast Asia Through ISN Granting Programs

The ISN is pleased to announce that it has signed a new partnership with CREED – Cross-Regional Education & Exchange in Dialysis – an organization that promotes dialysis education in Southeast Asia. 

The collaboration is expanding to integrate additional ISN Programs to advance dialysis education, including the CME, Educational Ambassador, Sister Centers, and Interventional Nephrology Scholarship programs. 

CREED has been a long-time supporter of the ISN Fellowship Program, having collaborated with the ISN to help many young doctors from Southeast Asia access high-quality, hands-on training that equips them to improve dialysis services in their home country. 

An ISN – CREED joint fellowship will support Sakountala Binbandith from Laos to train for one year in peritoneal dialysis at King Chulalongkorn Hospital in Thailand from July 2022. 

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