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Preventing and Treating Common and Imported Infections – ISN Frontiers Meeting-New Delhi Chair, Saraladevi Naicker, Presents Highlights From Day Three of the Scientific Program on Kidneys and Infections – Two Days Left to Register at the Regular Rate!

The ISN Frontiers Meeting on bi-directional relationships between infections and kidney diseases will take place in New Delhi, India, from September 22-25, 2022.

Only two days left to register for the meeting at the regular price here.

The deadline is midnight CEST, August 24.

We asked Frontiers Meeting New-Delhi Chair Saraladevi Naicker to tell us about day three of the program:

What can delegates expect from the morning sessions on day three? Can you say something about its relevance to health practitioners?

We have a vibrant lineup on day three of the ISN Frontiers meeting. The first session of the day, “Prevention and Treatment of Common Infections,” is very important as it examines everyday infections that health care workers have to deal with. All attendees will benefit from updates on common infections in children and adults. The content will be presented by a diverse group of speakers: Indra Gupta (Canada), Sunita Bavanadnan (Malaysia), and Anucha Apisarnthanarak (Thailand).

The prevention of infection in people with kidney diseases is a critical issue; experts will update attendees and address their questions and queries.

The morning ends with an interactive session on vaccination led by Dr. Arpana Iyengar (India), which includes Gagandeep Kang (India) and Camille Kotton (U.S).

In the late morning session, Saraladevi Naicker (South Africa), Ifeoma Ulasi (Nigeria), Ravi Mehta (U.S.), and Arpana Iyengar (India) will discuss different types and presentations of infections in the developing and developed worlds.

Can you provide some highlights from the afternoon session and say why you would encourage nephrologists to attend?

The afternoon session starts with a clinicopathological conference, ” Tropical Bytes,” presented by nephrologist Emmanuel Burdman (Brazil) and nephropathologist Ritambhra Nada (India).

They will highlight the entity of “imported” infections, alerting physicians of the need to consider infections that are outside those encountered in their day-to-day practices.

Lubaba Shahrin (Bangladesh) will then discuss the problem of diarrhea-associated acute kidney injury and how to prevent it.

Dorothea Nitsch (U.K.) and Talat Alp Ikizler (U.S.) discuss infection control measures in “Strategies to Prevent and Treat Infections in Kidney Care Settings,” the final session of the day. These are significant concerns for those involved in kidney care.

Daniela Ponce (Brazil) discusses how controlling infection, the Achilles heel of peritoneal dialysis, may facilitate its growth.

Which world regions may be particularly affected by the topics addressed in the four-day program?

The Scientific Program Committee ensured that the topics interest both adult and pediatric physicians and healthcare workers globally, and selected a diverse group of speakers from as many regions of the world as possible.

The program addresses topics of interest for healthcare professionals from both developing and developed countries who would benefit from attending this Frontiers meeting, “Infection and the Kidney.”

The ISN and the Indian Society of Nephrology look forward to welcoming all contributors and delegates to this event.

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