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ISN President Agnes Fogo on Her Career, Thinking Outside the Box, and the Pathology of Kidney Infections: Watch the Interview and Register for the ISN Frontiers Meeting-New Delhi, September 22-25

ISN President Agnes Fogo will present the talk, ‘Infection and Kidney Disease-the Pathologist’s View’ at 9:45 am (India Standard Time) on Friday, 23.

Register for the ISN Frontiers Meeting on infections and kidney diseases here.

The ISN Frontiers Social Media Team spoke to Agnes Fogo about her keynote speech: the unusual ways infections affect the kidneys, sophisticated methods to identify them, and the impact of COVID-19 on the kidneys. She also addresses increased susceptibility to kidney diseases from other health conditions.

Watch the video here.

In the interview, Agnes Fogo talks about those who inspired her as a medical student and advises early-career nephrologists to practice personalized medicine, learn from other fields and seek out happy colleagues.

Hear also from ISN Frontiers Meeting-New Delhi Chairs Vivekanand Jha and Saraladevi Naicker and keynote speaker Camille Kotton on their careers and the topics they will present.

Access all four videos here.

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