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The ISN Sister Renal Centers Partnerships Share Achievements and Challenges in Virtual Networking Workshops

Participants at the SRC virtual networking workshops, sessions 1 and 2, chaired by Rukshana Shroff – deputy chair of the SRC Program Committee, and Chih-Wei Yang – chair of the SRC Program Committee

Seventy participants from around the world took part in workshops organized by the ISN Sister Renal Centers (SRC) Program Committee in October 2022.

The virtual workshops presented opportunities for active pairs in the SRC program to share experiences and challenges and increase their professional networks.

Six active SRC partnerships (Nigeria-USA, Georgia-Belgium, India-UK, Nigeria-Canada, Egypt-USA, Uzbekistan-Russia-Finland)

From the discussions, strategies that worked best within the partnerships were identified, notably, conferences, Continuing Medical Education programs, online meetings, case report discussions, patient discussion platforms, nurses’ training courses, and hands-on and online training activities. The importance of teamwork was also highlighted in the exchange.

Pairs who had experienced challenges due to the pandemic, such as the postponement of visits and visa issues, or difficult social and political situations, expressed the desire to catch up with partnership activities and continue their progression through the program.

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