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“These Stories Need to Be Shared,” Dr. Roberto Pecoits-Filho on the Value of the ISN Film Event to Highlight the Patient Perspective

ISN staff caught up with Dr. Roberto Pecoits-Filho, winner of the 2021 ISN Community Best Film award for their entry “Life Beyond the Transplant.”

Watch the video interview here.

Dr. Pecoits-Filho said his team was keen to highlight the patient experience in their film. Bruno relates his personal experiences of going through a kidney transplant alongside his wife, Silvia, as a powerful way to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

The film brings out the essential role family members play in supporting people with kidney diseases and the impact it can have on them as bystanders.

Dr. Pecoits-Filho comments, “These stories need to be shared. The ISN Film Event is a great way of sharing stories widely. The ISN is the single global nephrology organization, so what better platform to share a story globally than this event?”

Watch the 2021 winning film here.

Dr. Pecoits-Filho encouraged others to participate in the event, stressing that “the story is more important than the technical aspect.”

Find out everything you need to know about submitting your film here.

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