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“Even Medical Doctors Can Make a Good Quality Film!” Dr. Vui Eng Phui on Winning the 2019 ISN Community Film Event – Watch the Video Interview and Submit Your Film

ISN staff talked to Dr. Vui Eng Phui (Malaysia), winner of the 2019 ISN Community Film Event.

Watch the video interview here.

According to Dr. Phui, medical resources and technology in Malaysia can be limited, making it difficult for those living in remote areas to access hemodialysis (HD). She wanted to raise awareness of using peritoneal dialysis (PD) as a treatment option before HD to keep costs down for patients and enable them to continue working.

The poignant film by Dr. Phui follows Juliana, a woman from Iban, Malaysia, who began continuous ambulatory PD when she was just 20, overcoming the challenges of ensuring clean water and an electricity source in her home environment.

After nine years, Juliana developed refractory peritonitis and had to begin HD an hour’s distance from her home. Juliana manages her dialysis program while working full-time.

Dr. Phui explains how she and her colleagues worked together to produce the film saying, “Even medical doctors can make a good quality film and win the award!” She attributed the film’s success to the touching nature of Juliana’s story.

Watch the 2019 winning film here.

Commenting on the experience, Dr. Phui says, “I’m really thankful to the ISN who gave us the chance to share with the world – it’s an excellent program that should continue.”

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