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The ISN Welcomes Newly Formed ISN Sister Renal Centers Program Partnerships and Congratulates Successfully Upgraded and Graduate Pairs

The ISN Sister Renal Centers (SRC) Program Committee is pleased to announce that 11 new partnerships have been accepted into the ISN Sister Renal Centers (SRC) Program.

These newly formed partnerships were selected based on the emerging center’s local kidney health needs and the potential to develop kidney care capacity and services for people with kidney diseases in the region.

In addition, several partnerships have successfully upgraded within the program: six pairs to Level A and seven pairs to Level B. Six partnerships will graduate from the program in 2023, having completed six years or more of productive collaboration.

Learn more about the new, upgraded, and graduate pairs here or explore all current active partnerships in the ISN SRC Program on this interactive map.

The ISN warmly commends these partnerships for their contribution to building capacity and enhancing kidney care services in low-resource settings

The ISN would like to thank the SRC Committee, especially Chair, Dr. Chih-Wei Yang and Deputy Chair, Dr. Rukshana Shroff, for their excellent leadership in this program. We also thank the partners below for their valued, continued support of the program.


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