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Webinar: Pregnancy-related, community-acquired and disaster-related AKI in Africa

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a syndrome with various causes and variable outcomes. AKI is prevalent, with significant under-diagnosis/under-reporting of AKI in low income countries. AKI imposes a heavy burden of morbidity and mortality, and high costs of management.  With ISN’S focus on prevention, and 0 x 25, and the 2023 World Kidney Day theme of “Kidney Health for all- preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable”, this webinar addresses special areas for targeting AKI prevention: AKI at community level, where the majority of AKI occurs; disasters and their major impact on kidney health; pregnancy-related AKI with potentially life-threatening consequences for mother and baby.

Series of disasters being recorded its expected consequences including AKI and would address the morbidity, mortality of AKI in the communities and in Pregnancy with a view towards its prevention. 

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