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“It’s an Extraordinary Global Effort”: Liz Lightstone Introduces the 2023 ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas; Speakers David Johnson and Ikechi Okpechi  Comment on Findings – Watch the Webinar Recording Now!

Watch a recording of the ISN Webinar ISN-GKHA (Atlas): Findings and Policy Implications for Europe and for the Americas here.

Moderator Liz Lightstone joined speakers David Johnson and Ikechi Okpechi to discuss the extent of gaps in provision and access to kidney care across Europe and the Americas.

The recently published 2023 ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas provides data on disparities and capacity within kidney care to influence policymakers to legislate to improve services and benefit people living with chronic kidney disease.

In addition, the atlas helps nephrologists to understand the specific challenges of kidney care in their region.

Download the 2023 ISN-GKHA report, and watch an interview with the ISN-GKHA Leads, Aminu Bello, David Johnson, and Adeera Levin, here.

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