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New WKD Logo and 2024 Campaign Theme Launch: Mark Your Calendars for March 14!

2024 campaign theme

The World Kidney Day (WKD) Steering Committee has announced the 2024 WKD campaign theme:

Kidney Health for All – Advancing Equitable Access to Care and Optimal Medication Practice

Recent medical advances have significantly slowed CKD progression and reduced complications. However, disparities in accessing these advancements persist.

The 2024 campaign aims to increase awareness of these inequalities and encourage collaborative strategies to improve access to suitable treatment for those with kidney disease.

Take a closer look at the WKD 2024 campaign theme here.

Fresh logo!

As part of the WKD campaign makeover, the organizers have introduced a fresh logo that embraces modern design and highlights a commitment to sustainability, a core value within the international kidney care community.

Watch the launch video to discover the new WKD logo!

The distinctive stripes symbolize WKD’s dedication to a broad audience, including the general public, those living with kidney disease, healthcare professionals, and policymakers. The brackets depict both kidneys and represent the two hemispheres of the globe.

This updated identity aligns with WKD’s enduring mission: to raise awareness of the global importance of kidney health.

The new WKD logo is available in 20+ languages. Download the logo and share it with your community! 

2024 WKD banners

Help WKD raise awareness of equitable access to kidney care and treatment  ̶  use and share the 2024 WKD banners on your website and social media channels to let your community know that the WKD 2024 has officially launched!


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