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Identifying Hepatorenal Syndrome and Venous Congestion: Learn About Cutting-edge Methods in POCUS-based Volume Assessment

The ISN teamed up with the American Society of Diagnostics and Interventional Nephrology to develop a webinar on point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS)-based volume assessment.

Watch the webinar here.

POCUS, particularly IVC ultrasound, is a valuable tool for assessing intravascular volume, predicting volume responsiveness, and managing conditions like hepatorenal syndrome and congestive organ injury.

As technology advances and more research is conducted, POCUS will continue to play a significant role in kidney health, providing clinicians with real-time information to guide treatment decisions and improve patient care.

The webinar covers:

POCUS in Hepatorenal Syndrome

Discover how POCUS aids in differentiating hepatorenal syndrome from conditions with similar presentations and can assist in the early diagnosis of high-output heart failure in cirrhosis patients by evaluating elevated right atrial pressures.

IVC Ultrasound in the ICU

Learn how inferior vena cava ultrasound assesses intravascular volume in critically ill patients to determine hypo- or hypervolemia, influencing volume management decisions and patient outcomes.

Venous Doppler and the VExUS grading

Explore advanced techniques for identifying venous congestion and its impact on organ function and understand how Doppler assessments of left ventricular function and cardiac output help diagnose and manage conditions like high-output heart failure and cardiorenal syndrome.

Clinical applications and challenges

Understand how POCUS-based volume assessment has shown promising results in different clinical scenarios, including anesthesia induction, acute decompensated heart failure, and shock management.

Learn about remaining challenges, such as the variability in IVC ultrasound measurements and the need for further research to establish standardized protocols.

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