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“Determined to Learn to Help Her Patients and Colleagues”: ISN Training Inspires Fellow to Bridge the Gaps in Kidney Care in Mongolia

Narnygerel Erdenebileg from the State Second Central Hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, undertook a three-month ISN Fellowship from June to September 2023 at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA, under supervision from Mohamed Atta, who is a professor of medicine there.

Dr. Erdenebileg wanted to improve her skills in clinical nephrology, kidney biopsy procedures and pathology, and continuous renal replacement therapy.

Contrasting healthcare systems

Dr. Erdenebileg stated, “It was interesting to see the difference between the two country’s health care systems; Johns Hopkins Hospital treats patients with complicated kidney diseases, and I learned a lot from what I observed.

The healthcare system and medical management lag about two decades behind the US in my home country. I hope to use my training to strengthen and improve kidney care and management in Mongolia, focusing on kidney pathology, clinical nephrology, and dialysis.”

Dr. Atta (left) and Dr. Erdnebileg at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

ISN Fellowships: An enriching opportunity

She adds, “ISN Fellowships are a great opportunity to enhance one’s experience, skills, and knowledge in kidney care. I am very grateful to the ISN and my host, and home centers for making this happen. It was a wonderful experience and environment, and I gained much more experience and knowledge than I expected. I’ve become truly motivated to do more to improve diagnostic and treatment approaches in Mongolia.”

Dr. Atta praises student’s dedication

Dr. Atta said that Dr. Erdenebileg was determined to learn to help her patients and colleagues, commenting, “Nara [Narnygerel] was so motivated to learn and was quite active during her visit from rounding with different teams in the ICU, oncology, general, and transplant wards. She also spent a good deal of time in the renal pathology department to learn how kidney biopsy is handled.”

Dr. Erdenebileg with colleagues in the dialysis unit at the State Second Central Hospital of Mongolia

Impactful return: Nephropathology training in Mongolia

Since returning to her home country, Dr. Erdenebileg has already organized a week-long training program in nephropathology with support from the ISN Continuing Medical Education and Educational Ambassadors Programs.

Read more about the success of this initiative here.

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