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Advancing the ISN’s Strategy for Global Kidney Care: A Comprehensive CME-Accredited Curriculum on Conservative Kidney Management

Conservative Kidney Management (CKM) is a key component of the ISN’s 5–10-year strategy to improve global access to integrated care for safe, sustainable and equitable kidney diseases.

To this end, the Conservative Kidney Management Working Group developed a CME-accredited “Kidney Supportive Care and Conservative Kidney Management Curriculum” to help build the capacity to implement sustainable CKM programs worldwide and encourage kidney supportive care (KSC) provision for all people with advanced kidney diseases.

The curriculum is available at the ISN Academy. Join/renew your ISN membership to access it here.

Toward a multidisciplinary approach: A closer look at the curriculum’s objectives and scope

This curriculum is for healthcare providers, including primary and palliative care physicians in low- and middle-income countries where local practitioners tend to provide supportive care. It is also valuable for nurses and allied health staff, fostering an optimal, multidisciplinary approach to CKM and KSC.

The objectives of the curriculum are:

  • To educate participants on the fundamentals of CKM and KSC
  • To develop skills, broaden perspectives, and stimulate additional inquiry into each area of CKM

Modules address:

  • Common symptoms
  • Metabolic complications of chronic kidney disease using evolving and emerging guidelines and recommendations
  • Communication skills
  • Shared decision making
  • Advanced care planning
  • Care of the dying patient and bereavement
  • The development and expansion of CKM in low- and middle-income countries

Explore modules 1-5 here.

Each module will include:

  • Didactic material synthesizing best evidence
  • Case studies integrating cultural considerations
  • Suggested reading materials
  • Multiple choice questions

A one-day course on CKM will take place at WCN’24 in Buenos Aires.

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