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Joining Forces to Advance Kidney Care: Explore the Global Network of ISN Affiliated Societies and Apply to Join Them!

The ISN plays a pivotal role in uniting kidney health professionals worldwide.

Discover ISN Affiliated Society membership benefits and how to apply here.

One of the key components of the ISN’s global impact is its network of Affiliated Societies, which contribute significantly to advancing nephrology in their respective regions.

The ISN has 115 national and regional Affiliated Societies from six continents, reaching over 20,000 kidney-related healthcare professionals.

Explore a map and directory of the ISN’s Affiliated Societies here.

Through collaborative research, education, advocacy, and networking initiatives, ISN Affiliated Societies contribute to a collective effort that transcends borders and ensures that localized knowledge contributes to a broader, global perspective on kidney care.

Embrace global collaboration with the ISN – apply now for Affiliated Society status and expand your society’s influence!

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