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Conservative Kidney Management and Kidney Supportive Care: Core Components of Integrated Care for People with Kidney Failure

The ISN Conservative Kidney Management/Kidney Supportive Care Workgroup (CKM/KSC) is one of five thematic workgroups formed as part of the ISN’s 5 to 10-year strategy for the integrated care of individuals with kidney failure, involving collaboration with various stakeholders to enhance global access to safe, sustainable, and equitable integrated care.

This article from the CKM KSC workgroup focuses on enhancing and standardizing descriptions of conservative kidney management and kidney supportive care, including:

  • Defining acceptable terminology for global understanding
  • Outlining key components of CKM and KSC
  • Discussing considerations for their development as integral aspects of integrated care for kidney failure.

Emphasizing LMICs and vulnerable populations, the article aims to promote international awareness, acceptance, and training for CKM and KSC.


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Chronic Kidney Disease Is the Major Cause of Death In Uddanam: A Population-Representative Study Using Smart Verbal Autopsy

The Uddanam region of India exhibits a pronounced prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD), estimated at 18% to 22%, surpassing the population prevalence reported in other Indian regions by 2.5 to 3.3 times.

To address data gaps in cause of death estimates, the authors used the SmartVA automated verbal autopsy tool in a population-based adult cohort study in Uddanam.

The findings confirm CKD as the primary cause of mortality in this high-burden area, providing crucial data for public health decision-making and resource allocation.

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