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Making a Difference in the Lives of Younger Patients Worldwide: The ISN and the IPNA Renew Commitment

The ISN is pleased to announce it has formally renewed its ongoing partnership with the International Paediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) to advance a mutual commitment to the global advancement of pediatric nephrology.

Since 2011, the ISN and the IPNA have forged a highly productive and enduring alliance, collaborating on many initiatives, including ISN-INPA Fellowships, ISN Sister Centers, and “Grand Rounds in Pediatric Nephrology.”

“Grand Rounds in Pediatric Nephrology” is a live webinar series with case presentations from ISN IPNA Sister Centers pairs, which launched in 2021. The series has provided valuable educational opportunities and content to support pediatric kidney care training in sister centers in low and middle-income countries.

After completing ISN IPNA Fellowships, two doctors from Zimbabwe and Botswana became the first pediatric nephrologists in their home countries. Read more here.

The ISN and the IPNA intend to continue collaborating on these programs and expand them to include:

IPNA members have full access to the ISN Academy through the partnership.

This renewed commitment reflects a shared vision to advance education in pediatric kidney care to improve outcomes for children worldwide facing kidney health challenges.

The ISN grants and education director commented, “We are very grateful for the IPNA’s continued support in helping us make a difference in the lives of younger patients. Thank you for the wonderful collaboration over the past few years – we look forward to achieving more milestones together.”

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