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Submit Your Research on Mitochondrial Function in DKD for the Chance to Feature in a Kidney International Reports® Special Edition

Submit your manuscript here by July 31, 2024

Kidney International Reports® will publish a dedicated issue on mitochondrial function in diabetic kidney disease (DKD) later this year.

Understanding mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism is crucial for therapeutic advancements in DKD. This special issue will offer a detailed exploration of these aspects through original research and comprehensive reviews.

Find out more about this topic and how to submit your work here.

The advantages of publishing in a special issue:

  • Articles are published together on ScienceDirect, increasing the visibility of your work.
  • Articles are downloaded on ScienceDirect twice as often as articles published in regular issues in the first two years.
  • Articles attract 20% more citations than articles published in regular issues in the first two years.
  • At least two independent experts review articles to ensure the quality and originality of the work.

Make the most of this chance to contribute to an important topic and be published in a special edition of this prestigious journal.


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