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The Lancet Global Health Publishes ISN Paper on Global Insights From the 2023 ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas

The paper “An Update on the Global Disparities in Kidney Disease Burden and Care Across World Countries and Regions” has been published in The Lancet Global Health.

Read the paper here.

In the same edition, The Lancet Global Health published an editorial on the paper: “The Major Global Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease.” Read the editorial here.

The ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas (ISN-GKHA) is a worldwide survey to assess the current capacity for kidney care.

The 2023 edition builds on the work of previous editions, factoring in the impact of the pandemic and advances made since the atlas was first launched in 2016. It includes:

  • An assessment of regional risk factors and hotspots for kidney diseases
  • Outcomes of people living with kidney diseases treated with dialysis
  • Perspectives of people living with kidney diseases on strategies to improve care and access to care

The current edition identifies shifts in kidney care disparities and efforts to address them, particularly in countries with limited resources and among vulnerable populations such as women and children in more affluent nations.

Access the 2023 ISN-GKHA report findings, including all prior publications, here.

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