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“The Best Course I Have Ever Taken in My Whole Career”: The African Premiere of the ISN Scientific Writing Course Earns High Praise

SWC faculty and participants in Cairo

The ISN partnered with the Egyptian Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (ESNT) to deliver an ISN Scientific Writing Course (SWC) in Cairo, Egypt, from 11 – 13 February 2024.

The course preceded the 42nd Congress of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (ESNT), which also took place in Cairo. It was the first time the course had been held in Africa. Fifteen participants from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Somalia, and Uganda took part in the course.

ISN President-Elect Marcello Tonelli (Canada) was part of the SWC course faculty. He also presented a plenary lecture at the ESNT conference and contributed to the ISN session “CKD: Approaches, Trials, Registries and Early-detection. Unlock your Potential with the ISN.” alongside ISN members Giovanni Strippoli (Italy), Rumeyza Kazancioglu (Turkey), and Zaghloul Gouda (Egypt), and ESNT Immediate Past President May Hassabala (Egypt)*.

From left to right: ISN Africa Regional Board Deputy Chair and ESNT Secretary General Mohamed Salah, ESNT President May Hassaballa, ISN Grants and Education Director Sophie Dupuis, and AFRAN President Hany Hafez at the 42nd Congress of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology and Transplantation

Course participant Muhammed Elhadedy (Egypt) commented, “This is the best course I have ever taken in my whole career. The mentors were great, the schedule was excellent, and the organizers were awesome. I’ll definitely recommend it to every clinician interested in medical research.”

Course faculty member Giovanni Strippoli and three of the Scientific Writing Course participants

Testimonials from other participants

Course faculty member Giovanni Strippoli and three of the Scientific Writing Course participants

“It was so great to interact with faculty members and gain so much knowledge in research. I got many suggestions that will help boost my research career.” Mohammed Haji Rashid Hassan (Somalia)

“The course allowed me to review the article I am writing and better understand potential pitfalls in producing a quality article.” Lot Nehemie Phinehas Motoula Latou (Senegal)

“This course has opened my mind toward appropriate writing methods and introduced me to great professors from whom I learned a lot scientifically and personally. I learned how to think and formulate a research question and choose the optimum study design, which is the most important step in scientific research. It has provided me with a great basis for future research projects.” Alaa Gabr (Egypt)

“By equipping participants with advanced skills in scientific writing, the course can enhance our department and institution’s overall research productivity and academic reputation. Additionally, improved research dissemination through well-written publications can attract funding opportunities, collaborations, and recognition, thereby contributing to the growth and advancement of the department and institution.” Ben Lomatayo  (Kenya)

“The course included the latest trends and best practices in nephrology research and guidance on navigating the peer review process and preparing high-quality manuscripts for publication in reputable nephrology journals. Understanding publication ethics and best practices can help maintain integrity and professionalism in academic and research pursuits. It also offered collaboration opportunities, fostering connections with international experts.” Basma Sultan (Egypt)

“This is an excellent course. Thank you to the organizers. The mentors were particularly excellent! I got hands-on help and practiced my manuscript writing skills. I am now ready to complete my manuscript for publication. I am helping two students prepare their dissertations and, later, their manuscripts. So the skills I have acquired will definitely be passed on.” Grace Kansiime (Uganda)

*Giovanni Strippoli is part of the ISN SWC faculty, Rumeyza Kazancioglu is the ISN Fellowship chair, and Zaghloul Gouda is an ISN Sister Renal Center liaison officer.

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