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Improving and Maintaining Quality of Hemodialysis in Areas Conflicted by War: A Call to Action!

Alasfar and colleagues discuss the severe impact of the Syrian war on kidney replacement therapy in the region, highlighting logistical challenges and compromised standards of care.

They suggest key strategies to help manage kidney care in conflict areas, including understanding the root problems, creativity in delivering medical care, and flexibility in human resources.

The authors also refer to international relief, including from the ISN, to help provide medical care to crush victims in the recent earthquake affecting Turkey and Syria.

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Update Thiazide Diuretic Evidence Review for CARI Guidelines Kidney Stones Recommendations

The Caring for Australians and New Zealanders with Kidney Impairment (CARI) Guidelines Working Group evaluated the efficacy and safety of thiazides in preventing kidney stone recurrence.

The NOSTONE3 study highlights uncertainty about the effectiveness of thiazides for kidney stone prevention. However, pooled analysis still indicates some benefit, especially for recurrent stones. Concerns include poor dietary control among participants, potentially masking thiazides’ benefits.

Despite limitations, the authors conclude that thiazides remain a viable option for prevention but requires careful consideration in clinical decision-making and further research.

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