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Japanese Society of Nephrology Shares Insights at ISN Affiliated Societies Meeting at WCN’24

Delegates at the first edition of the Primer Course in Glomerular Diseases in Tokyo

The Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN) participated in the ISN Affiliated Societies Meeting at the recent WCN’24 in Buenos Aires, providing a detailed overview of Japan’s current kidney care landscape, including region-specific challenges and successes.

Key Points from the JSN Presentation:

Strong membership base: The JSN boasts a substantial number of members, reflecting the society’s alignment with the current needs of kidney care professionals in the country.

Certification and accreditation excellence: The society offers a comprehensive certification and accreditation program. Young nephrologists experience a wide variety of cases before qualification, ensuring a high standard of practice among JSN members.

Aging population and CKD: Japan’s aging population has led to an increased number of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. The JSN is making a nationwide attempt to reduce the progression of CKD through early diagnosis and intervention, as well as to reduce the disparities in treatment between regions.

Reduction in dialysis patients: Despite the rise in CKD cases, initiatives aimed at early detection and management have successfully reduced the number of patients requiring dialysis.

Low transplant rates: The number of kidney transplants in Japan remains relatively low compared to other treatments.

Collaborative efforts and educational initiatives

The ISN and the JSN have worked closely together for over a decade, signing an official declaration of collaboration in 2017.

In 2023, the ISN collaborated with the JSN to present the “Primer Course in Glomerular Diseases,” which exemplifies a joint commitment to advancing nephrology education.

The ISN and the JSN also regularly partner at joint sessions at the JSN’s annual conference and other international meetings. Recent highlights include:

The ISN-JSN-APSN Joint Session at the 17th International Symposium on IgA Nephropathy, facilitating valuable cross-regional insights.

ISN President Masaomi Nangaku’s talk on the ISN’s future direction at the JSN’s Annual Meeting in Japan. Professor Nangaku is currently the president of both societies.

The ISN looks forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration toward improving kidney care worldwide.

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