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The Kidney Care Networks are a series of implementation projects that support centers in low-resource settings to develop integrated kidney care services. Building on the 0by25 pilot feasibility study, the projects will start by focusing on acute kidney injury (AKI), with a view to expand to chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy.

Through training and education, ISN will assist centers to make a sustainable change in their healthcare provision to improve the detection, management, and outcomes of AKI.

ISN will also support centers in building the case to their institutions and health providers that such care is a justifiable use of scarce healthcare resources. Finally, ISN will aim to develop the principles underlying success to provide templates applicable to other low-and middle-income centers. The Kidney Care Networks have been established in Bolivia, Brazil, Malawi, South Africa and Nepal. 

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“One of the greatest challenge facing the global health community is how to take proven interventions and implement them in the real world” Marie Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General, Health Systems and Innovations Cluster, WHO

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