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ISN Forefronts Florence – some personal highlights

This was a well-organized outstanding meeting on a timely topic: The role of stem cells and kidney regeneration. Virtually all invited speakers were carefully selected outstanding scientists from all over the world, who represented a well balanced cross-section of the field.

My personal highlights were talks on regeneration in different organ systems (e.g. in muscle by Tom Rando, Stanford University, or skin by Michele De Luca, University of Modena) or in the kidney of different species (e.g. in fish by Alan Davidson, Auckland University). Stuart Shankland, University of Washington, showed compelling data on a potential role of renin producing cells as progenitors for glomerular cells.

Scientific discussions after the talks were also of outstanding quality. Last but not least, the beautiful city of Florence contributed to the positive, stimulating and open minded atmosphere of this meeting. More meetings like this are needed.

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