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ISN Forefronts Boston: send your abstract before May 26, 2014

Register and send your abstract for this upcoming ISN Forefronts symposium taking place in Boston, Massachusetts from from September 11 to 14, 2014.

If you want to catch the early bird registration fee, CLICK HERE as this offer closes on June 30, 2014. Make sure to also send in your abstracts before May 26, 2014. CLICK HERE for further information.

This edition of the symposium will showcase the most recent developments in genetic approaches to chronic kidney disease.

Understanding the genetic mechanisms and harnessing the related rapidly evolving genetic techniques is instrumental to elucidate disease mechanisms of chronic kidney diseases. High-throughput sequencing approaches recently revealed that a surprisingly high percentage of diseases are caused by single gene defects, such as nephrotic syndrome, making unequivocal molecular genetic diagnostics accessible to patients.

Furthermore, single-gene causes of disease may rapidly be transferred into high-throughput animal models, like in zebrafish, allowing to screen for drugs that may treat or prevent these chronic kidney diseases, for which not curative treatment exists so far. Finally, genome-wide association studies have begun to identify risk alleles for chronic kidney diseases, for instance APO1L in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

ISN Forefronts meetings help exchange scientific knowledge between nephrologists with non-nephrologists from interrelated disciplines as well as basic and clinical scientists. They are deliberately limited in scope to allow for high levels of interaction, deep dialogue plenty of time for focused exchange.

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