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Request for Applications: 2018 Mini-Sabbatical in Renal Pathology

The International Society of Nephrology Renal Pathology Committee seeks applications for one mini-sabbatical for a nephropathologist from a developing country (**as defined by the ISN) to provide partial support for short term in-depth study of renal pathology, by immersion in an established expert renal pathology laboratory for up to two weeks, in conjunction with attendance at a major renal pathology course (see below).

Applicants will thus have the opportunity for up to two weeks of intensive immersion immediately following either of these two courses, under the mentorship of the directors or one of the faculty of these courses, or other volunteer faculty at other insititutions (see below), in their renal pathology laboratories.

Due to the limited amount of funds, with a maximum award of $2,500, additional funds should be sought from the home institution to support the minisabbatical.

The applicant should specify whether he/she is applying for attendance at the Columbia University Renal Pathology Course “Renal Biopsy in Medical Diseases of the Kidney” to be held in New York City July 11-14, 2018, or the European Renal Pathology Course to be held in Amsterdam June 6-8, 2018,  or another major renal pathology course.

The applicant must arrange independently for permission from the renal pathology faculty for the immersion experience.  Faculty who are willing to  accept an applicant for an immersion experience include Dr. Vivette D’Agati at Columbia University and Dr. Surya Seshan at Cornell University, both in New York; Dr. Volker Nickeleit and Dr. Charles Jennette at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dr. Sandrine Florquin and Dr. Joris J. Roelofs at the AMC in Amsterdam; NC, Dr. Lois Arend at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Carmen-Avila at University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, and Dr. Agnes Fogo at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN (Please note that these hosts cannot offer any stipend, housing or support to defray expenses).

The applicant should submit:

  1.  a CV,
  2. letter of support from the applicant’s institution, and
  3. statement of goals and objectives for this experience, focusing on his/her current knowledge in renal pathology and what will be gained from the proposed experience.

Applications should be submitted electronically with a deadline of February 23, 2018 to Please address any questions to Prof. Ian Roberts at this address.

Note: Nephrologists are not eligible for this award.  Nephropathologists from developed countries are also not eligible

**for reference, please consult the world bank’s classification list and note that all countries of ‘high income’ are ineligible.

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