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Nominate the next ISN President-Elect & Regional Board Deputy Chairs/Councillors (all 10 ISN regions)

Nominate the next ISN President-Elect & Regional Board Deputy Chairs/Councillors (all 10 ISN regions)

Help shape the future of ISN: Nominate a potential candidate for the positions of 2021-23:

  • President-Elect, and
  • Regional Board Deputy Chairs/Councillors; 1 vacancy in each of the 10 ISN regions

As an ISN member, you can help advance kidney care worldwide by nominating candidates for ISN leadership positions.

The ISN is committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion. We encourage nominations from eligible individuals across all regions, genders and ages!

Nominate a candidate for President-Elect

There is one (1) vacancy open for the position of 2021-23 ISN President-Elect.

  • Commitment: The ISN President-Elect deputises the President, who has the responsibility of leading the ISN in constant coordination with the Executive Committee. The President-Elect sits on the Executive Committee as voting member, and as a non-voting member of Council.
  • Term: The 2021-23 President-Elect’s term will start at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2021 (WCN’21), and continue until WCN’23, when the President-Elect will become President until WCN’25.
  • Eligibility: Every candidate for President-Elect must be a present or former member of the Executive Committee or Council, and an ISN Full member. Nominators too must be ISN members. Self-nominations are discouraged.

To nominate a potential candidate, please email Dominique Tudor by 31 August 2020 with:

  • the nominee’s name
  • a short description of the nominee’s:
    • current/previous accomplishments as an ISN leader and volunteer, and
    • fit with the ISN mission, mind-set and spirit, based on concrete achievements

At this stage, no additional documents, CVs or other information are required. We will consider all nominees suggested, and request further documentation and information when necessary to assist our final decisions.

Nominate a candidate for Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor*

There is one (1) vacancy in each of the 10 ISN regions (listed below) for the position of 2021-23 ISN Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor.

* As Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs cannot be from the same country, members from a country in which the current Deputy Chair resides (Cameroon, Czech Republic, Mexico, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Canada, Japan, Australia, Nepal and Italy) will be ineligible to stand for the 2021 elections. Members from the countries listed above are encouraged to be nominated for the 2023 elections.

  • Commitment: Regional Boards are the regional representations of the ISN. They are the “eyes and ears” of the ISN across its whole range of activities, and a major means of integration with Affiliated Societies. The Regional Boards are led by a Chair, and Deputy Chair. Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs also sit on the ISN Council.
  • Term: Regional Board Deputy Chairs’/Councillors’ terms start at WCN’21, and continue until WCN’23, when they will become Regional Board Chair/Councillor until WCN’25.
  • Eligibility: Nominees must be ISN Full members. Nominators too must be ISN members. Self-nominations are discouraged.

To nominate a potential candidate for a Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor position, please complete the online nomination form and send the nominee’s short CV in English (max 4. pages, academic CV may be referenced, or included as an appendix) to Dominique Tudor by Monday, 31 August 2020. The form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, as you will be required to answer specific questions regarding the leadership skills and specific achievements of your nominee.


Please read for other important information

Those nominees shortlisted by the Nominating Committee (by end November 2020) will form the slate of candidates for the 2021-23 leadership elections (scheduled to open in February 2021).

Don’t forget that in order to nominate a candidate (or be nominated), your ISN membership must be current. Ensure you don’t miss out on this ISN member privilege.

Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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