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Examine the Recently-Published Scoping Review on Early CKD Identification

Early CKD identification remains a much-debated subject in kidney care.

Over the past year, a group of ISN members has collaborated on a project to provide an understanding of the challenges of implementing early CKD identification and intervention programs.

One initial element of the collaboration, a scoping review, has been published in Kidney International Reports: Read “Early Identification of CKD – a Scoping Review of the Global Populations” here.

The review summarizes available evidence on early CKD identification efforts globally. The authors note wide variations in the reported prevalence of CKD due to divergent measuring methods. They suggest standardizing early detection methods within high-risk populations and ensuring appropriate interventions to help improve the quality of programs and patient outcomes.

Through the project’s scoping review and other components, the group hopes to provide stakeholders with a broad framework of the key elements required to develop CKD early detection and intervention programs that can be applied to different contexts.

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