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Patient Advocate Climbs Malaysia’s Highest Mountain to Promote Organ Donation

Mr. Manvir Victor and other kidney transplant recipients at the summit of Mount Kinabalu in Malaysis


Please join us in congratulating Mr. Manvir Victor, immediate past chair of the ISN Patient Liaison Advisory Group, who has recently succeeded in climbing Malaysia’s tallest peak to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation in the country.

Mr. Victor is a passionate advocate for patients; alongside his role at the ISN, he chairs the Patients for Patient Safety Malaysia and is a patient advocate for the World Health Organization.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu on the 10th anniversary of his life-changing kidney transplant, Mr. Victor stated that the climb was “far less than the pain and suffering I endured during my ten years on dialysis. And that treatment, I didn’t have a choice but to just survive.

In line with the principles of the Declaration of Istanbul, Mr. Victor has been guiding Malaysian patients and ISN Patient Liaison Advisory Group members to advocate for policies to increase the rate of organ donation and transplantation in different parts of the world.

Mr. Victor is at the forefront of issues relating to organ donation in Malaysia, working to change the system from opt-in to opt-out and meet the national need for organ transplantation.

The ISN continues working toward increased consideration of the needs and perspectives of those living with kidney diseases in the design and implementation of health policies worldwide.

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