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Improving Knowledge of Dialysis Techniques to Tackle High Demand in Cameroon Through the ISN-Swiss Society-Cameroon Society Partnership

The ISN-Swiss Society-Cameroon Society Partnership has been active since 2019. It is dedicated to advancing kidney care in Cameroon through joint initiatives.

In the context of this partnership, Dr. Ngo Makang Marguerite Cecile, a nephrologist from Yaoundé General Hospital in Cameroon, undertook a six-month fellowship training in the nephrology unit at Geneva University Hospital in 2021.

Supervised by Professor Patrick Saudan, the main objective of the training was to improve Dr. Ngo’s expertise in extrarenal purification and acquire new practices to improve patient outcomes in Cameroon. Overall, Dr. Ngo significantly increased her knowledge of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis during her time in Geneva.

According to Dr. Ngo, the most important development for her was the familiarization with personalized dialysis, a method that improves patients’ quality of life, is cost-efficient and has the potential to relieve long waiting lists for dialysis services in Cameroon.

Addressing the dialysis shortage issue is a priority for Dr. Ngo as she continues to practice kidney care at Yaoundé General Hospital in Cameroon.

Beyond fellowship training, the ISN-Swiss Society-Cameroon Society Partnership facilitates collaboration between the Yaoundé and Geneva health centers to improve safety in hemodialysis and acute kidney injury management in clinical practice.

In addition, a joint clinical research project is underway assessing the effectiveness of bicarbonate supplementation in pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients.

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