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Join Us in Congratulating Four New ISN-Named Fellows  

Clockwise, from top left: Carinna Hockham, Anastasiia Zykova, Suman Behera and Mark Canney

The ISN Executive Committee and Council have approved four “ISN-Named Fellows.”

Please join us in congratulating Suman Behera from ISN I3C (CKDu), Mark Canney from ISN iNET-CKD (cohort studies), and Anastasiia Zykova and Carinna Hockham from ISN-ACT (clinical trials).

Get to know our new ISN-Named Fellows here.

These early-career ISN members have contributed significantly to various ISN research-related initiatives in collaboration with ISN research group leaders.

Several ISN activities promote global collaborative research and education in kidney disease by facilitating clinical trials, cohort studies and data collection activities, and supporting the development of educational material and healthcare facilities. Find out more here.

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