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Watch Two Ground-breaking Films From the 1970s on Vascular-Tubular Relationships in the Mammalian Kidney

Two classic films are now available to watch on the ISN Academy:

The Human Kidney: Tubules, Blood Vessels and Vascular-Tubular Relations


The Vascular and Tubular Organization of the (Dog) Kidney

These historical, yet clinically still relevant, films were independently produced in 1975 by members of the Department of Physiology at Harvard Medical School.* They illustrate the highly elaborate vascular-tubular relationship unique to the mammalian kidney.

The films were kindly donated by Lise Bankir, ISN emeritus member and “Directeur de Recherche Emérite” at INSERM (the French Institute of Health and Medical Research).

*Reiner Beeuwkes and A.C. Barger, J. Bonventre, E.D. Miller and A.C. Barger.

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