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ISN Members – Enjoy or Relive WCN’23 Spotlight Sessions on ISN Grants, the YNC Quiz, CKD in Primary Care Settings, and Successful Clinical Trials

Teams compete in the quiz-a-thon at WCN’23

Watch the WCN’23 Spotlight Sessions on the ISN Academy here.

Success stories from ISN Grant recipients

Professor David Harris introduces a session of first-hand experiences, highlighting some of the ISN’s granting programs.

Hear from:

The Young Nephrologists Committee quiz-a-thon

Enjoy the fun as five teams representing different world regions enjoy a three-round quiz.

Early CKD identification and intervention in primary care*

Dr. Vivekenand Jha (India) and Dr. Michelle Wong* (Canada) discuss elements of the current state of CKD care worldwide.

Dr. Vinai Leesmidt (India), a primary care physician who has spent thirty years at a rural community hospital in Thailand, presents an overview of his experience with CKD there.

In addition, the Spotlight Session on the ISN-ACT  (Clinical Trials): Keys to Success in Clinical Trials is now available to watch.

Watch the session here.

Dr. Brendan Smyth, a member of the second ELP cohort, presents on ISN-ACT initiatives, including the ISN-ACT clinical trials toolkit, and gives pointers on carrying out and participating in clinical trials. Vivek Kumar, a member of the first ELP cohort, offers his experience running a clinical trial in India. Dr. Daniel O’Hara, co-coordinator and lead editor of the Global Trials Focus, gives tips on keeping on top of published kidney care research. Professor Adeera Levine, deputy chair of the ISN-ACT Committee, gives a snapshot of ongoing clinical trials in kidney care.

Professor Meg Jardine, chair of the ISN-ACT Committee, coordinated the Q&A session, promising more practical ISN-ACT initiatives to improve kidney-related clinical trials.

From July 3, the complete recordings of the WCN’23 program will be accessible on the ISN Academy, including content from more than 220 speakers from 43 countries and pre-congress course material.

Find out about the ISN’s next World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from April 13-16 here.

*Spotlight session supported by AstraZeneca


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